My Top 5 Strengths

In a previous post, HOW TO FIND YOUR TOP STRENGTHS, I said that I’d share my Top 5 strengths with you.  I took the Clifton Strengths Finder 2.0 over at the Gallup Strengths Center. I believe that when you find your strengths, you can find your passion. Knowing your strengths and focusing on there will help. You can always take the time to focus on your weaknesses but that can lead to frustration. That’s from personal experience.


  1. Ideation
  2. Developer
  3. Empathy
  4. Connectedness
  5. Command


Driven by your talents, you regards yourself as logical and reasonable. YoImage result for so many ideasu spontaneously reduce mechanisms, processes proposals, ideas or formulas to their basic parts. You figure out how the pieces interrelate. Your discoveries tell you why something does or does not function the way it should.

By nature, you often are the originator of fresh ideas for brand-new campaigns, business ventures, initiatives or special events.


Chances are good that you might cheer people up by telling jokes or funny stories. Maybe your Comedic flair or your clever wit evokes laughter. Sometimes you can make others smiles in spite of their trials and tribulations.Image result for encourage

Driven by your talents, you regularly look for opportunities to give people special attention. You celebrate their accomplishments. You tell them why you appreciate their knowledge their opinions and solicit their suggestions.


It’s very likely that you may be capable of stepping into a person’s feelings, thoughts, or experiences. Perhaps you have a natural capacity for a grasping what life is like for someone else. Even without firsthand experiences, you can sometimes comprehend an individual’s challenges, worries, hopes, or fears as if they were your own. Image result for empathetic

By, nature, you push yourself to meet certain standards or reach particular goals. Your feelings of success or failure might depend on the way others judge your results.  Your keen awareness of some people’s moods might motivate you to work harder. Sometimes you want to earn their approval; other times, you just want to make them happy.


By nature, you may welcome all kinds of people in your circle of friends, family, or acquaintances. Perhaps you have an ability to bond with Related imageindividuals without expecting them to conform to your way of thinking, working, or living. Sometimes you revel in the diversity of humankind, rather than complain that every person, language, and culture is different. Maybe you have concluded that people are inextricably linked with one another as well as with the everything in the universe.



It’Image result for command strengthsfinders very likely that you may be regarded by certain people as realistic or unsentimental. Perhaps there are times when you want to do a better job of expressing your own feelings or allowing others to voice some of theirs. When necessary, you might be the person who brings the conversation back to practical or factual matters.



If you’re having a hard time trying to find your passion, or just need to figure out what you’re good at, I would suggest taking Gallups StrengthsFinder test. It reminded me to focus on what I am good doing. That is what makes me so special anyway.

If you take the test please share your results with me. I’d love to know more about you.