Celebrity Drama: Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Gone Wild

First of all… WHY! How! and Why should I care.

Why is Blac Chyna even a celebrity? I don’t even know how she became of anything. Other than human, of course.  Do we need to really pay attention to the to idolized women, who are not true to themselves? The body is the temple that keeps our soul grounded. There is no need to cut, shave and scale back everything you dislike. What happened to the days that we loved the body given to us or we’d just eat healthy foods and get proper exercise. Honey learn to love yourself.


My disappointment with Blac Chyna is that she is a mother. How do you plan on explaining to your children these actions? This is not a time where things are private. Your actions are out there for the world to see. Be a role model for your children. This is not a time where you are to show the world how hurt you are inside. It’s clear that you have no morals or values. Any time a woman puts a price tag on her body, show your lack of self-worth.


Why Rob Why! I know Rob was in a slump. He was suffering from depression. Maybe he was under the impression that he was loved. Here is the thing though… You cannot know what love is until you are 100% healed and are loving yourself to the fullest. It’s too often that we take old habits from our previous relationship and bring into the new one. It doesn’t have to work this way.



To Blac Chyna & Robert  Kardashian. I can only hope you learn from your mistakes and make better choices. I understand that no one is perfect. No relationship will ever be perfect. Learn to live a life that will make your children proud. Leave behind a legacy worth bragging about not a social media post.

Social media will never let your story live in the past. It will forever pop up “On This Day”  every year on Facebook.

Think about it.