Can You Help an Insecure Partner?

I knew that having an insecure partner was going to be a challenge.  I knew I’d never do those “things” that bothered them. Truth is, being with someone that is insecure is a red flag. If you find yourself in a situation with someone who is insecure… RUN FOREST RUN! I am so serious.  Insecure people will always find something that bothers them. If they are not willing to trust you, especially if you didn’t cause the insecurity, then move the hell on.

Why should you have to suffer? Why should you be the one helping someone overcome issues from previous baggage… well unless its a friend. People need to return back to their normal self. Learn to love and respect who they are, in order to become who they want to be.

Love is easy to do. Love is unconditional. It’s open and willing, it’d understanding and it cares. It’s actually people and insecurities that make relationships hard.