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A Wedding to Remember

On Sunday 10/23 I witnessed the union of one of my closest friends (Tiffanie) and the love of her life (Dante). It was all that you would have expected in a wedding. Tears of joy, lots of laughs, words of wisdom, things that make the best of times. I’ve seen lots of  weddings but this was special. The look on the grooms face was priceless. I can’t imagine the emotion he was feeling at that time. From the moment Tiffanie walked down that aisle to when their hands embraced.  The anticipation of this day was far beyond their belief. Marrying the person of your dreams always seemed to good to be true. In this case, its was definitely true. Not only could you see it, but it was felt throughout the ceremony. The room was filled with love and passion. The last time I felt like this, my son was born. I love a wedding that shows the true character of people. I mean those really great qualities that remind  you that are in a room full of great friends and family. All that matters are great memories in the making. It was an honor to witness and share this wonderful day with Tiffanie & Dante

I can definitely say that this wedding brought out the best in me…
I saw love and instantly fell in love with Love again….

Congratulations Tiffanie & Dante. I wish you both an infinite amount of love, joy and happiness. May your union bless and touch the hearts of others.