HBO Insecure: Hella Disrespectful [S2:E7]

Last week Issa’s experience a facial. (if you know what I mean) Her lack of experience, lead her to a major embarrassing situation.  Issa darling you were supposed to aim it the other way. When a man is at the peak of climax, it is not often they can control where they are going to skeet. Now some men do have control here, but you were giving major service. He obvi had no control.

Molly’s “let’s go fuck him up” is what a true friend would have said. She got her girls back. The situation with Dro tho, honey. It was great. I mean, momma needed her back broke. You still come last in this situation no matter what. What happens when your feelings get involved? It won’t be easy for Molly to let go. Hello, woman, Dro is married.

I am completely hating on Lawrence these days. I mean left Issa hanging, so he still ain’t shit. His new office boo is cute. As you get older, you learn that office dating is something you never want to do.

The random girl who showed up to Derricks birthday was a great ice-breaker moment. The dinner Tiffany party for her husband Derrick was a mess though.

Lawrence’s reaction to Issa was typical “knee-gro”. I’m over him. He can go… his anger makes me want to pop him upside his head.

I never understood why people always leave the person who always had their back. The one that held them down while they were in need.

I feel your pain Issa, I do.


Insecure HBO S2:E5 [REVIEW]

Tonight’s episode of Insecure is one of those episodes that brings a reminder that we are human and nothing will ever be perfect.

Molly is has been pressuring her self to find something as real as her parents. Truth is, relationships require work. These days one’s ability to deal with bullsh*t is limited to none. The new generation of relationships is just as flawed as the times our parents grew up.

Sorry, I don’t agree that laying it on a married man in an open relationship was going to solve your daddy issue. You’ve just contradicted yourself. Now that’s something you’ll need to learn how to deal with emotionally. You’ve had Dro for one night but at the end of the day, he’s back to his wife.

Issa’s ability to learn harlot ways are hilarious. Your heart can’t heal by learning to hoe. We all have fantasies but they are not bucket lists. Take some time you for yourself. You need to completely be over Lawrence otherwise you’re going to hurt some people along the way.

Issa is just as confused as Lawernce. Molly told her (in S2:E4) that guys always want you back when it seems like you’re doing good. In reality, he didn’t expect her to have moved on. Come on Lawrence, you moved why can’t Issa?

I really need Issa & Lawrence to get it together. Do yall want to work it out or not?

Let’s see what happens next week all.